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About Us

The idea behind Dahaab came from common skin ailments faced by the co-founders, with no products producing the desired results. They started experimenting with more natural ingredients and began to make personal remedies that worked. A key part of what made the remedies work were the fact that the ingredients and mixtures were African based, of which the founders share a common African background. Both realized that other people may be facing the same issue; suffering from common skin conditions but not wanting to turn to toxic ingredients offered on the current personal product market, along with there not being a huge African based market out there. Nature’s Remedy for the Natural body has become the driving force behind the brand. 



Let’s strive to treat our bodies like GOLD or “Dahaab”, a play on the Swahili and Arabic translation for Gold.

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 📦 ** Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on all Canada & US orders over 80$  **International shipping available** 📦

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