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Lavender is an antioxidant rich plant that helps with toning and easing of wrinkles. The antimicrobial nature aids in cleaning the skin and scalp of pore clogging bacteria. A minor component of Lavender is the "Linalyl Acetate" compound, which gives off the pleasant scent and helps with reducing anxiety, relaxation and mood boosting.

Lavender Facial Serum

  • Amplify your natural glow with a blend of castor and Jojoba seed oils and infused with Lavender and Vitamin E, formulated to even out skin tone,  smoothen complexion, and enhance your natural glow. The oil will lock in moisture, with the slight cooling effect of peppermint to tighten the skin. 

    Suitable for Combination and Dry Skin types.

    No preservatives are added.

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